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Leslie Kooy - lead vocals
Leslie is a talented multi-instrumentalist, with a background in jazz. Patrick & Leslie met in the 4th grade, and have been friends ever since. Leslie likes frogs. If you see a cute frog thing in a store, please send it to her. Leslie and Pete were neighbors in grade school - small world!

Pat Stirrat - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Pat plays guitar, and is known to break strings on stage at regular intervals.

Neel Daniel - bass guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals
Neel has been in many bands, including Shebang and Lovechild. He knows more about KISS than anyone else in the band. Neel put out a solo record in 2010 and is working on the follow-up. Awesome stuff.

Pete Glase - drums
Pete was one of the original members of The Cocktail Revs, playing lead guitar. He left the band for a while but came back as the drummer after original drummer Brian Lumb moved to South Carolina. Pete played drums on at least one song on all three of the Cocktail Revisionists records. Pete also played drums on Neel's solo record.


Brian T. Lumb - Drumbs
Brian was a founding member of the band, and played drums from about 2000 to 2008. Brian is a great friendand we miss hanging out with him.

We were fortunate to work with photographer Roniq Bartanen on the packaging for This is my happy face. Roniq did an outstanding job capturing the mood and look that we wanted for this record. More of Roniq's work can be seen on her web site, and also at the Hotel Max in Seattle (her photos are the main artwork of the 7th floor).


The Cocktail Revisionists were formed in 2000. Originally it was just an experiment to try out some music that Pat was writing while in Blockhead (the band Pat/Neel/Pete were in in the late 1990's). But it was a lot of fun and there was great chemistry with Leslie so we decided to record a CD (2001's "Non-specific gravity").

Soon after Non-specific gravity was released, we recorded and released a second CD called "A murder of crows," which spawned one of our most popular songs: Heisenberg's a Jerk. We also did some pretty cool shows, including playing live on Q13 Fox Morning News, and a live radio show on KSER Radio in Everett, WA.

In 2006 we released "This is my happy face," which is the last studio recording we have done. The band has been on a steady simmer ever since, playing shows every now and then. We are hoping to put out a new recording sometime in 2012.

For booking and other information
Phone: (425) 922-3473
E-Mail: booking@cocktailrev.com