PRAISE FOR OUR NEW CD: This is my happy face

"Intoxicating modern rock with a dash of '60s pop styling."
-- Ben Hunter, Askew Reviews

"The Cocktail Revisionists play bouncy and generally appealing pop with added jazzy and rock-flavored bits. The singer Leslie Kooy has a clear but not overly sweet voice and that appeals to me. The suggestive "This little hell" is a highlight. "Clear blue skies" is a hummable folksy delight. "Lie to me" is a sad-eyed song that still makes you smile by its sheer beauty. Kooy's singing is just brilliant. The band manage to vary the moods of their songs and make their influences their own. A wonderful and accessible record."
-- Ectophile's Guide to Good Music

"These guys actually have a sense of humor and an idea on how to rock . . . they do it well and keep it fresh."
-- Read Magazine

"After listening to this album, individuals will have little in the way of options than to pick up the album. See it for yourself; pick up a copy of This Is My Happy Face."
-- James McQuiston, NeuFutur
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"...There's a good mix here. It's a nice combination of sounds. Good for any mood. I dare say, something for everyone ... I think you'll have fun with this one"
-- Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds
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"Some solid pop stylings . . . the music's well done"
-- Culture Bunker

"Their talent is obvious"
-- NWxSW

"The Cocktail Revisionists are a weird band . . . This album is somewhere in the middle between awful and great."
-- All Ages Zine

"A decent album"
-- Pucknation


A Murder of Crows, reviewed by Alex Rugh of IndieAl.com
[excerpt] . . . As I listened to the album a few more times I began to embrace the entire album's up-tempo feel and now I find myself playing the album quite often. I would love to see this band play live, as I can picture the excitement that they could conjure up in a crowded bar.
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A Murder of Crows, reviewed by NW-Radio.com
First, LOVE the CD... killer layout :) Oh, also really like the music (coming to Portland anytime soon?) The Cocktail Revisionists give me that same warm and fuzzy feeling that 10,00 Maniacs did. I like 'em you will too :)
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Heisenberg's a Jerk, reviewed by BandRadio.com
This has a retro vibe to it which is pretty cool with the organ and all. The tempo does seem a bit off but the more the song goes on the more I dig it. This is a band where their name fits the kind of music they play.
Rating: 4 out of 5 antennas
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"Another inspiring collection of work by a local favorite. This record shows growth and even stronger musicianship that the last, which is saying a lot because NSG blew my mind!" - MJ Hays, producer and bass player, Brother Justice

"A Murder of Crows is a perfect reminder of why I make music. It contains elements of everything I have ever loved about rock and roll." - Steven R. Brooks, recording artist

"The Cocktail Revisionists sidestep the dreaded curse of the second album with 'A Murder of Crows.' There is no hesitation here, with a release date less than a year after their first and with a sound that is a rockin' follow up to 'Non-Specific Gravity.' The lyrics on this one are meatier, giving your mind something to chew on while your head bobs to the beat. The music has a harder edge and a fuller sound that shows the band hitting their stride. Check out my faves 'The bar is closing' and 'Heisenberg's a jerk' to see what I mean." - Jen Place, Seattle, WA

"These guys kick some major ass! That drummer is kind of cute, too!" - Carl Hamilton, superfan

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