THE COCKTAIL REVISIONISTS: Non-Specific Gravity (2001)

Pouring down like summer rain . . .
The debut CD from The Cocktail Revisionists, featuring "A river to a flood", "Hanging by a thread" and "I dont feel like celebrating".

9-song CD$10.00Sold out!

This CD is out of print. However, you can buy it on iTunes, or we'll burn you a copy -- just send e-mail to info@urbancheese.com.

Track Listing
1. A river to a flood
2. Hanging by a thread
3. Ordinary life
4. Alone together
5. What you wanted from me
6. I don't feel (like celebrating)
7. All the love you ever need
8. Beautiful
9. A river to a flood (club remix)

BONUS: This is a multi-media CD. It includes two versions of the video for "I don't feel (like celebrating)", plus over 50 pictures of the band, MP3's, song lyrics and more.

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