THE COCKTAIL REVISIONISTS: A Murder of Crows (2002)

High-energy alternative pop, on the rocks, with a twist.
Featuring "Heisenberg's a jerk", "The bar is closing" and "Waking up".

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Buzz about A Murder of Crows
" . . . As I listened to the album a few more times I began to embrace the entire album's up-tempo feel and now I find myself playing the album quite often. I would love to see this band play live, as I can picture the excitement that they could conjure up in a crowded bar."
-- Alex Rugh, IndieAl.com

"First, LOVE the CD... killer layout :) Oh, also really like the music (coming to Portland anytime soon?) The Cocktail Revisionists give me that same warm and fuzzy feeling that 10,00 Maniacs did. I like 'em you will too :) "
-- NW-Radio.com

Track Listing
1. The bar is closing
2. Reality bites
3. Waking up
4. Hollywood & Vine
5. Silver lining
6. Heisenberg's a jerk
7. Feel the pain
8. Revolution
9. Gemini
10. Fragile
11. This land is your land
12. Sorry

BONUS: This is a multi-media CD. It includes song lyrics, MP3's, pictures of the band, and some bonus material. A "must have"!

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