THE COCKTAIL REVISIONISTS: This is My Happy Face (2006)

Intoxicating modern rock with a dash of '60s pop styling
The new CD from The Cocktail Revisionists, featuring "This little hell", "Things will change", "Arbusto" and "Paradise".

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Clocking in with 13 original alt rock/pop gems, This Is My Happy Face is generating a nice new buzz with both fans & critics. Adding to the chemistry of core members Leslie, Patrick, Neel & Brian, the band invited several Seattle-area musicians into the studio during the recording sessions. Featuring notable performances by Michael T. Kirby (organ, piano), Amy Windus (cello), Clark Fredricksen (trumpet), Steven R. Brooks (guitar, vocals) and Cocktail Rev alum Pete Glase (drums, percussion), This is My Happy Face is both eclectic and accessible, tied together by the band's efficient, hook-laden songwriting.

  1. The bar is open
  2. Things will change -- Listen now!
  3. This little hell -- Listen now!
  4. Clear blue skies
  5. Skin and bone -- Listen now!
  6. Half asleep
  7. Lie to me
  8. Ode to you
  9. Never felt like this before
  10. Arbusto -- Listen now!
  11. Paradise -- Listen now!
  12. I am the rain
  13. December

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